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One-stop-shop trade terminal for cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Trade robots
  • Artificial Intelligence in algotrading
  • Robots constructor and market
  • Traders rating and auto-following

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CryptoRobotics is a freemium cross-platform desktop trading terminal for computers (macOS and Windows), tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows mobile) with one-click access and switching between major cryptocurrency exchanges. We make technical and trade analysis instruments similar to the stock market terminals (Quik, Metatrader) available to crypto. Features:

  • Pre-set CryptoRobots for algorithmic trading
  • Robot’s Constructor with an intuitive interface for backtesting trading strategies on the history and for creating your own robots
  • Marketplace, to sell the robots created by traders in CryptoRobotics constructor
  • Trader’s Rankings on the equity basis (yield curve)
  • Auto-following, an automatic replication of successful trader’s transactions executed as a smart contract.

Millions of our users will generate huge amount of tradinghistory data. This Big data along withretrospective rates ofall coins from every connected coin exchange will be used for multiple purposes: from ratings and analytics, backtestingof robots to delivery of our ultimate goal - Artificial Intelligence CryptoRobots. To ensure global real-time access and low ping, we are deploying cloud database distributed on almost every continent.

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  • ICO (40%)
  • Founders (30%)
  • Reserve fund (9%)
  • Pre-ICO (8%)
  • Advisers (7%)
  • Bounty (3%)
  • Development (3%)

Token issue: 120 000 000. One-time issue, additional emission is not provided.
The tokens are made according to the ERC-20 standard.

Tokens for sale: 57 600 000.
CryptoRobotics will withdraw from the turnover tokens undistributed according to ICO results.

1 token price = 0.0001 ETH


March 2016

Algorithmic robots for stock exchanges development

March 2017

Algorithmic solutions testing on the cryptocurrency exchanges

August 2017

Development of the conception of terminal for cryptocurrency exchanges and algorithmic ecosystem

November 2017

Development team building

January 2019

First working terminal prototype

April 2018

Terminal: core and Windows version

May 2018

Terminal: Mac OS version. System’s robots

June 2018

Terminal: iOS version and Android version. Floatation to stock exchange

August 2018


September 2018

Robots constructor and robots market

February 2019

Demo-version of Trader experience

June 2019

Release of Trader experience

August 2020

Demo-version of robots on artificial intelligence

December 2020

Release of robots on artificial intelligence


Jonathan Fianu

EMEA Director of PredictX

Nikhil Puri

Director at KPMG

Practicing investor, infopreneur, member of the Eurasian Council for Small and Medium Business in Blockchain, cryptocurrency expert, author of «Crypto-currencies in 12 hours» course.


Ilnur Mukhtov

CEO & Founder
a serial entrepreneur, a trader in the stock market (shares, futures, options) with 10 years experience, an expert in the creation of trading strategies and algotrading

Konstantin Denisenko

Head of Development
a specialist inthe complex High Load projects and automation systems for financial institutionsdevelopment, for tour operators, catering establishments and other business areas

Alina Sattarova

Head of Marketing & Business Development
marketing, sales and business development specialistwith experience of more than 10 years in IT, telecommunications, hospitality and entertainment, fitness, project management, etc.

Vadim Galeev

Head of Global Engagement
Director of Republican Centre of Marketing, over 450 successful projects in marketing, investment and strategic consulting

Igor Mesheryakov

Backend Developer
an experienced programmer, cross-functional specialistof backend and frontend development, a specialist in High Load projects, develops trading robots

Darya Sukhorukhova

Deputy to Chief Marketing Officer
a marketing specialist with more than 4 years of experience, including IT, an organizer of large business and IT events, including for block chain projects, a technical analyst in IT

Alexey Sevruk

Backend Developer
Backend developer with programming experience more than 15 years. Is engaged in software development in the banking and public sector of the economy, stock exchanges development.

Olga Denisenko

UI / UX Designer

Alexander James Harper


Wan Yu


Vyacheslav Poskonin

Ethereum smart-contracts developer

Subodh Srivastava

Frontend Developer
Experienced frontend developer in Web technologies and mobile applications, blockchain projects. Head of the www.subcodevs.com company, US and India.


7 March

Cryptocurrency trends and new unique specialized instruments for cryptotrading, Yaunde

20-21 March

TOKEN2049, Hong Kong

9-11 April

ICO SummitKazan, Innopolis

12-15 April

ICO Pitch Competition, Liberland

18-19 April

Blockchain Expo, London

26 April

Blockchain Summit Frankfurt, Frankfurt


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