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Trend product

CryptoRobotics provides unique products
for trading on the cryptocurrency exchange which are of a high demand:

Trading from one interface on TOP cryptocurrency exchanges
Algorithmic robots
Smart-orders (Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing)
Multiple accounts
Trading signals
Analytics Dashboard

More than 5000 people all over the world already use our terminal.
Find detailed information about CryptoRobotics
on our website.


CryptoRobotics referral program is one level system.

This means that you earn referral rewards from the purchases of users you attract.

Our business model of monthly memberships allows you to bring a client 1 time and constantly receive referral payments:

6$ (in ROBO tokens)
for each
new user registering
in our terminal

You receive it after
the 1st purchase of
any package of services
referral made;

20% referral commission for each purchase of a PRO-package:

commission (ROBO)
PRO PACKAGES 1 month 3 month 6 month 12 month
Basic 3.8$ 9.8$ 17.8$ 29.8$
Profit 9.8$ 25.8$ 45.8$ 79.8$
Expert 15.8$ 41.8$ 73.8$ 129.8$

Our PRO-packages have unique tools and the prices are available for each user. So according to our statistics users purchase Expert package more often.

Referral ROBO-tokens are sent immediately
to the wallet in your account and you can:

use them to pay for PRO-packages

withdraw them on external wallets

withdraw them on Livecoin
and sell in Bitcoin

A wide and rapidly growing audience of potential customers
The potential audience of users of our products is already tens of millions all over the world and according to Google Trends is growing every day

You can check the growth of requests for the keywords
Bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” in the Google Trends and Yandex Wordstat services.

High conversions and ready-made Internet funnel
We have created a fully automated Internet sales funnel:
High conversion site
Email marketing funnel
Marketing funnel in 4 messengers (Telegram, Facebook, Viber, Vkontakte)
Chat bot in 4 messengers (Telegram, Facebook, Viber, Vkontakte)
Retargeting funnel
Reasonable prices for PRO-packages
Trained sales managers and support team
Therefore, you only need to bring a potential user to our site, and our system will do the rest.
Statistics tracking

In the referral account, you can see all users registered via the link you provided and track their purchases.

Soon we will have tracking UTM-tags, it will help professional partners to analyze profits through various channels of traffic.

Ready made media materials
Especially for you we have prepared various promotional materials
(banners, images, posts) that you can use to attract users of our terminal
Unique conditions for partners with large audiences

If you have a large audience or you generate a lot of traffic, you can contact us at and we will discuss unique conditions for you

Register in CryptoRobotics terminal right now
to participate in our referral program

Sign up for CryptoRobotics terminal for free, next you will see the referral link available in your interface.

Your referral links are in CryptoRobotics terminal, “Account” → “referral program”.

Now you can find 3 links in “referral program” section:

The first 2 referral links are the English and Russian versions of our external site, where you can find the info on the CryptoRobotics project, the functionality of our terminal and our products, and there is also a button that transfers the user to the DEMO-terminal.

You also have a referral link to DEMO-terminal page.

After the user clicks on your referral link, our website saves your referral ID in the browser cookie and stores it there for 6 months.

If a user goes to the site using your referral link and did not register, and then returned after some time via a direct link (in the same browser) and finally registered, this user is assigned to you.

You also need to understand that the data is saved in cookie based on the last click on the referral link. This means that if a user clicked on someone’s referral link, but did not register in the terminal, and then clicked on your referral link and registered, this user will be assigned to you.

After registration, the referral is assigned to you forever and you start receiving referral rewards from all of his purchases.

Products of our terminal can be purchased within PRO-packages. You can find them in this video.

You can find more info on referral rewards here.

Referral ROBO-tokens are sent immediately to your ROBO-wallet in the CryptoRobotics terminal, after a client attracted by you succeeds with the payment.

By clicking on the “withdraw tokens” button inside the ROBO wallet, you can fill in the form and order the withdrawal of tokens to external wallets (MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, imToken, Trust, Ciper) or directly to the Livecoin ROBO wallet (soon ROBO will appear and on other cryptocurrency exchanges).

The ROBO tokens withdrawal takes up to 7 hours.

The minimum threshold for withdrawal is always calculated from the rate of the ROBO token on the exchange and is $ 25.

The withdrawal fee is currently not charged.

You can use earned ROBO tokens to pay for PRO-packages in the CryptoRobotics terminal.

Or withdraw ROBO-tokens on Livecoin exchange and sell it in Order Book

You can also withdraw them to external wallets (MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, imToken, Trust, Ciper) or store them in CryptoRobotics terminal waiting for the best price to use ROBO-token.

You can find media materials on this page.

We care about the reputation of our brand and the domains of our sites.

Therefore, if you want to avoid a ban in our referral program make sure to follow the rules that are described on this page

If you have any questions regarding referral program contact us at: