We care about the reputation of our brand and the domains of our sites.

Therefore, if you want to avoid problematic situations and would like to have long-term interaction with us make sure to follow the rules that are described on this page.

Strictly forbidden

 1) The most important rule that you need to follow is not to use “SPAM” in promoting our project.

Spam — unsolicited messages sent over the Internet for the purposes of advertising or any other commercials.

а) It is prohibited to send mass e-mails (or group e-mails to the database of e-mails) to persons who did not directly express a desire to receive letters from you (did not subscribe to your e-mail list).

If you want to make any email newsletter, it is better to consult with us ( 

b) It is forbidden to send spam in social networks (in personal messages or groups you are not an administrator in).

You should understand that such offers will still be regarded as spam if people do not know you (or know you, but received direct advertising).

c) It is prohibited to send spam messages to messengers chats.

You will not get any special results from such actions but harm the CryptoRobotics brand.

You should understand that before offering something to a stranger you must gain his trust in yourself.

2) It is prohibited to use brand keywords in contextual advertising: “CryptoRobotics”, “Crypto Robotics”, “”, “”.

3) It is forbidden to create channels in messengers and groups in social networks with the name “CryptoRobotics”, as the company uses it for its official publics.

You can create them with any similar name, for example "Trading in the CryptoRobotics terminal".

4) It is forbidden to place links and CryptoRobotics promotional materials on sites that are contrary to ethical standards, as well as on sites that fall under the following categories:

  • Sites containing information and images of a pornography;
  • Sites containing information on hacking programs and computer systems;
  • Sites that clearly violate direct and related copyrights or contradict other laws on the protection of intellectual property;
  • Sites that incite national discord or promote violence in any of the forms;
  • Sites and pages created specifically to store a large number of links - the so-called "link farms";
  • Sites and pages which contents are entirely composed of materials borrowed from other sites (various kinds of portable computers, splogs, satellite sites for advertising, using text auto-filling technologies, etc.);

5) Any ways to attract customers fraudulently are prohibited. 

Namely - the use of unreliable information about CryptoRobotics project for promotional purposes.

As well as unreliable information about the company's products, including irrelevant marketing data on sales, bonuses and other features of the product.

All of the above directly affects the CryptoRobotics brand positioning on the Internet.

It can also endanger our main domain being blacklisted by Google / Yandex and mail services, therefore:

If the above violations are identified the company has the right to:

     1. Permanently disconnect referral functionality from your account;

     2. Unpin all referrals that were assigned to you.


     1. Follow all the rules mentioned above;

     2. Respond to requests and appeals from our administration;

     3. Immediately eliminate the causes of complaints from our administration related to the quality and content of advertising materials, or to their source and method of placement.

Referral program member is completely responsible for acquainting with rules. 

Amendments and additions

CryptoRobotics company reserves the right to make changes to existing rules at any time if necessary.

Information about all changes and additions to our rules will be updated on this page.